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Often in families the children grow up and move across the country to live their lives. They have their own kids and consumed by the day to day grind of living. This is quite normal and often times the elderly mom is left to fend for themselves. This can lead to an elderly mom being to frail to keep the daily cleanup of the old family home and junk and trash can build up with no able body person to assure that everything is ok. This is the case of 2 sisters that moved one to California and the other to Colorado. Back in Hialeah the mom was being overwhelmed with the up keep of the home. Upon the passing of the mom the two sisters where obviously devastated in the conditions their mom was living in.

ECS is very sympathetic to this situation and we can work to help you get through the emotional situation at this time of loss. No we are not therapist, but it is important that all of this is a time of grieving. It's important to have love in your heart and understanding to make this large task as painless as possible.

The cluttered home was overrun with trash and junk. The sisters had already spent a week there at the home. This caused them to wipe out their vacation time, the expense of flying, rental cars and a lot of eating out. The cost was beginning to tear through their savings as well.

In the remaining part of the home there was old furniture that had to be disposed of and more boxes of trash and junk. As you will see in the pictures there was patio furniture stacked on other furniture. Old paintings and wall hangings were everywhere and had to be removed. There was alot of old clothes and dressers and bedroom furniture. In some cases clothes can be donated to the googwill or salvation army. But in this case all of the clothes were molded and in very bad shape.

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