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How To Get Rid of Junk and Unnecessary Stuff in Your Home




Do you feel like your home is a bit cluttered? Maybe you've been meaning to tackle the purging of some of those old clothes or books you've kept from when you were a kid. Or perhaps you have a lot of old sentimental things that you keep around because they remind you of someone. Either way, we agree that feeling a bit cluttered isn't good.

That's why it's time to get ruthless and do some spring cleaning of your home. If you're ready to start getting rid of the unnecessary and crowded things in your home, read on for some helpful tips on how to do it.

Don't Just Throw It Out

Spring cleaning is a must for everyone! It helps remove items that have been in our lives for years and make room for new things. Before we go and dump everything in the trash, we must consider the different ways we can dispose of items. One of the ways to expand the life cycle of things before dumping them in the trash is by donating them or taking them to a thrift store. People constantly need things by donating the items they wish to dispose of to a thrift store or charitable organization; someone else can find value in them.

Additionally, instead of throwing items away, consider how you can recycle or reuse the items. Repurposing items is an action step to protect the environment. Once you have determined how to dispose of your items, it is time to move on to the next step.

Get Organized

Holding on to more things than we need may seem harmless, but it can become very overwhelming over time. One of the many ways to declutter and remove unwanted items is to organize. Getting organized is not easy and takes time, but you can certainly do it. An unorganized space opens the door to emotional chaos and stress. Consider the 80/20 rule, which states we typically only use 20% of our items, and we don't use 80% of the things. It is best to let go of the stuff under the 80% category. Often we give ourselves excuses to not dispose of items; stop telling yourself you are going to use the things later or look for reasons to get rid of them. As you organize your closet, put similar items together to help put them away or discard later

Create A List

Creating a list is an effective way to track the items we need to keep or dispose of. Create a list of all the things you use or need daily and items you have not used in 3-6 months. Feel free to create multiple lists for pieces of furniture, electronics, clothes, books...etc. If you have not used an item for over six months, consider disposing of the item.

Have A Clear Out Day

Trying to dispose of everything in one day can be too much. Dedicate a specific day of the month to dispose of items if you cannot throw it all out in one day.

Having a clear-out day will help you with the process of decluttering. Grab some boxes or bins for your clear-out day, and get ready to declutter!

You can declutter your home by planning and taking steps to organize. Once your space is clear of clutter from unwanted items, you will be happier in your home.

At ECS we can do a little or we can do a lot.

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