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MIT Research – The Boston Eviction Occurrence


As reported by David Robinson, a grad student at MIT, the rate of evictions in Boston are occurring in “several order of magnitude” in low-income neighborhoods and more significant in non-white than more affluent neighborhoods.

Robinson stated that Roxbury, a neighborhood in Boston has the highest rate of private eviction where 10% of the private market units file for eviction in the past three years.

Robinson stated that comparing this outcome with Beacon Hill has the lowest rate of eviction in private market units in which there is a 1% rate of eviction between 2014 and 2016 which is the last year the information from eviction became available.

He stated that the distinction between Beacon Hill and Roxbury has 10 orders of magnitude.

Robinson is a student of MIT at his master’s level studying Urban Studies and Planning

The study of the differences in the rates of eviction is carried out alongside the housing outreach group City Life/ Vida Urbana compiling data on eviction that was generated by the Department of Neighborhood Development in Boston. Robinson stated that the latest results will be made available in the early part of 2020.

The research place focuses on the disparities between the filing of an eviction and its execution. Robinson stated that the rate of eviction executions reveals a higher difference than its filing. The rates of executing eviction in Roxbury is 15 times greater than that of Beacon Hill.

Robinson stated that difference does not only exist between the filings of eviction in Roxbury and Beacon Hill but there is an intensified difference in the executions of evictions which indicates that most eviction filings get executed once they get to the courthouse.

The demographics based on the race of the neighborhood where eviction is occurring is also considered although Robinson indicated that additional research is required before he can filly conclude that there is a link between eviction and race.

He continued that there is a possibility the problem could be related to race, income or both. Irrespective, it has a significant impact on the low income, nonwhite neighborhoods.

Boston’s Director of neighborhood Development and chief of Housing, Sheila Dillon indicated that additional eviction data will soon be available to the neighborhood.

Dillon indicated that 2017 was characterized by positive rates of eviction in the private market. she stated that there has been a significant collaboration with the owners of huge subsidized structures and among the key players, a high reduction rate of eviction was discovered.

Dillon stated that there are situations where they just have to inform the owners that the rates of eviction exist and there are better ways to handle tenants if they renege in paying their rents.

A part of the eviction information can be delivered by a few housing advocates and housing court filings. This is because tracking the “notice to quit” sign is very difficult throughout the city or other methods of evicting tenants without filing for eviction at the court.

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