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Cleaning up the Inner Hoarder


Everyone has their places to hide their belongings that have no use, but we never end up getting rid of them.

Sometimes it might be outside, the basement, that table in the dining room that just seems to be a dumping ground. For me, it was the garage.

Springtime came and it was time to spring clean, and our goal was to hopefully be able to use the garage again. My family used to use it as our indoor theater when it was raining outside, and we wanted to be able to do that again.

I had no doubt that we had a lot of stuff, yet I did not realize how much stuff we actually kept in there when the time came to clean it. I know I have a family who hoards, but I never thought that I would or was.

People would give us things at Christmas, for our birthdays or maybe even as a hand me down, and we always thought it was rude if we gave it away, so we kept it. Other things we out grew like barbies, books and clothes and we thought we would need it someday again if one of us ever had a kid, but we never had a place in our rooms for it, so of course our decision was to put it in a place where there is room or it, the garage.

Then there were the times when we would change up the house and maybe get some more furniture or bookshelves. A lot of times our bookshelves and furniture would be exchanged from someone else’s room and we would do this constantly so we kept our furniture so we could change it up again.

Now, I know we had a hoarder, but we thought we would need it, I was always scared to get rid of something that we could potentially use again in the future and we wouldn’t have it because we got rid of it.

Reality set in that we had to clean the garage if we wanted our indoor theater again.

We had a lot of garage sales where we basically just gave everything away. This one little girl came with her family and saw our big tote of Barbie dolls. I told her she could have as many as her parents would let her, her face was so joyful that she practically floated over to her mom to ask how many she could take. Everything that we couldn’t get rid of we donated and I bet they were happy with many totes and trash bags of clothes, toys and furniture they received. We were just happy to get rid of it.

We had a lot of furniture that was broken or scratched up severely from our cat that we didn’t feel like we should have sold. So, we took them outside and had a wood cutting contest. Now we have enough wood to last us all of summer

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