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The new normal is not hoarding newspapers



The clerk at a grocery store during my last visit after I have been directed to a hermetically conveyor belt welcomed me to the new normal. Although much appreciated, these limitations on our freedom are not normal, particularly in the United States.

Prisoners are being released from prison in the interest of public health, limitations are being placed on what physicians can utilize for the treatment of COVID-19 patients and treatment for those suffering from cancer are being delayed as optional.

7,400 people lose their lives daily in the United States from different causes such as infectious diseases, but the accumulated total is not being communicated. The growing stream of different news programs about the coronavirus is currently a method of forcing us to submit.

The architect of Obamacare, Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel recommends that citizens should remain on lockdown for up to one and a half years or after a reliable vaccine has been discovered. This is pure madness.

A survey carried out by the Kaiser Family Foundation found out that 37% of men, 40% of women, and almost half of parents with kids less than 18 years indicate that they have probably lost their income, job, or received a reduction in job hours without pay. A research carried out in 1979 discovered that there is a 10% growth in the rate of unemployment, 1.2% in mortality rate, 1.7 % in cardiovascular disease, 1.3 % in liver cirrhosis, 1.7% suicides, 4% of arrests and 0.8% assaults. Before the pandemic, 20 individuals were usually being abused by their partner every minute in the United States. It is anticipated that there is an increase in the rates of child abuse and domestic violence. Businesses that are closed have become prey to robbers.

A logical approach exists that does not require physical contact and the financial crisis. There are no more cases of deaths in Sweden or the infection cases per capita than several other countries, even with the little warning given to citizens on proper social distancing.

Physicians must be permitted to effectively treat their patients to the best of their capability. Several physicians are commenting on the effectiveness of Hydroxychloroquine, which is a recent off-label usage for the drug approved by the FDA to combat a new virus. If there is a link between this virus and Armageddon, every logical suggestion should, therefore, be welcomed. Establishing limitations to the utilization of drugs with the potential of saving lives by several state medical boards and governors is horrible and cruel.

Hydroxychloroquine is an approved drug in the United States for the last sixty years. It has proven to be effective against malaria prophylaxis, porphyria, a disease in the blood that affects the hemoglobin (responsible for carrying oxygen to our tissues), and autoimmune diseases. Hydroxychloroquine can be found on the list of essential minerals by WHO’s patient, considered to be efficient, secured, and can be used to meet the demands of the health system. The broad use of cheap drugs can result in the demand for beds and ventilators in the ICU

Apart from getting treated early, a logical policy should exist that will ensure that people return to work. The effect is minimal in some states. Every infected individual should be tested for antibodies to COVID-19 caused by the SARS-CoV virus. We might discover that several infected individuals might become asymptomatic. This disease cannot be passed to others. Individuals that are at risk have been advised to remain at home.

Putting an end to the lockdown does not indicate any less regard for lives but more about saving them. Non-COVID 19 illnesses such as domestic violence, suicide, permanent poverty, mental health disorder, and dissolution of the middle class cannot be accepted. We must not be divided in our societies into those who live in good health and those in reside in streets, decaying homes, and trailer parks and unable to afford to keep up.

Every one of us wants to perform our duty to reduce the number of serious COVID-19 infected cases in our society. However, we cannot give over our lives to the government, especially when the virus is now being used by Congress to make pork-filled decisions, governors outing quarantine on each other, and the tech companies with political connections are able to offer the government, mobile phone tracking data. I don’t want to believe that a financial reward might have been offered to some for the promotion of a vaccine that is yet to be discovered and approved in place of an effective, readily available, and cheap treatment.

Many individuals are indicating that the United States would no longer be the same. However, we hope this does not imply that the COVID-19 pandemic has been successfully used as an excuse by the statists to permanently restrict the freedom and ability to practice medicine for the sake of public health.

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