Estate Clean up Services

Estate Clean up Services is normally done as part of the process of getting a love'd ones assets in order. Generally after probate or in the procss of submitting a family member to an assisted living facility the family will need to liquidate the home of the person. This includes many things like for example cleaning out the home, which includes removing all of the furniture, cloths, trash and even a vehicle. Estate Cleanout Services (ECS) staff are experts in providing this service.

After nearly 6 years in business, what we have found is that family members will save thousands of dollars in transportation, lodging and time away from work to hire us to do this process for them. Not to mention hiring a company like ECS also drastically reduces the stress and the emotional anxiety family members generally feel when trying to do it themselves.

There are a couple of big questions that need to be asked during this process. One is do you want to sell the house at market value? If you do then it is normally recommended that the home be cleaned out, minor repairs be done and a fresh coat of paint will help to sell the home at market value and to sell it quickly. It is truly common that our client get back to us to thank us for the fantastic job we have done and during this process they normally will tell us that the house sold in 2 days, 5 days or 2 weeks. Selling your home quickly is normally an extremely good thing. If you don't care if you sell the home at market value and you are ok with selling at 30 to 40 percent under market value then all you need to do is clean out all the furniture, junk and trash. Then do some basic house cleaning. This would include cleaning the kitchen, the bathrooms and sweeping up all of the dust. In the mortgage industry this is call a broom sweep.

If you would like to know more about Property Cleanout Services then contact ECS ato 786 290 5955. It is always best to setup an appointment early.

Estate Cleanup Services