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ECS is your expert Real Estate Cleanout Services Company.


We are dedicated to making your life easier while providing you with cost effective solutions that will save you money. We act as your right and left hands getting the work done and allowing you to not have to spend thousands of dollars in travel time, lodging and time away from work. We do small projects like removing junk and trash from a back yard. But in most cases we are doing medium size jobs to cleanout a home, condo or apartment. We remove all of the furniture, all of the kitchen items, all of the trash. We can clean everything like kitchens, bathrooms, floors, walls you name it. We can do lots of minor repairs like holes in walls, broken cabinet doors, rotten walls and so forth. Finally, we can paint your entire home inside and out. In many cases we coordinate with other professionals to have all of these tasks done eliminiating your need to worry about any of this and only having to deal with reviewing the finished products.

Every time we do a proposal for our clients it comes with a rolling list of 10 references that you can contact. These clients will yell at the top of the mountain that ECS is the greatest. You will enjoy being the next happy client on the list. Your Real Estate Cleanout Expert.

After 3 weeks of cleaning out, repairs and beautifying this property sells for 600K which was over market value.

Hoarder home located in Fort Lauderdale

Thick Dirt from years of non cleaning

Roof leaks lead to ceilings being destroyed

Property Cleanout removes all the junk and trash

White Glove cleaning brings back kitchens and bathrooms to life

Minor Repairs make all the difference between low or selling high

Estate Cleanup Services is the premier Property Cleanout Services that will turn your property back into a dream home.