Hoarding Clean up

ECS is dedicated to helping you through a challenging time. Hoarder Clean outs are very delicate situations and are normally very emotional. Fortunately, our team has years of experience working with people in delicate situations. In addition, for the past 8 years we have been helping people like yourself through this challenging time. No matter the size or extent of your hoard house we can get the job completely done to your satisfaction. Our goal is to eliminate this stress from you and allow you to relax and move to a better state in life.


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Living and Working in a Hoarder environment is a very dangerous situation. Some of the dangers can include prolonged breathing of animal waste, rodents such as rats living underneith all of the junk and trash, allowing constant exposure to excessive dirt. In fact, often times people die from small cuts on legs and feet that get infected from the hoarder environment.

ECS will clean out your Hoarder home. We have trained staff that know exactly how to handle this environment. We will bring back your Apartment, Home or Commercial environment to perfect condition.


Daily Services Provided: (Big Or Small We Remove it All!)


Hoarder Clean out

Remove old furniture

Remove trash from premesis

Sort and destroy papers

Clean entire Home

Repaint the home

Home Cleanout

Repair closet doors

Replace Carpet and Flooring

Storage Cleanouts

Shed Cleanouts

Attic Cleanouts

Junk Removal

Eviction Cleanouts

Office Cleanouts

Foreclosure Cleanouts

Furniture Removal

Appliance Removal

Commercial Trash Removal

Couch Removal

Refrigerator Removal

TV Removal

Wash & Dryer Removal

Entertainment Center Removal


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This project located in Miramar Florida was an illegal addition, a hoarder environment and trash / junk removal job.

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Turning Around a Hoarder Home into Beautiful Home

Most hoarder homes developed over years of neglec and compilation of trash and junk.

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Hoarding Clean Up in Assisting Living Facility

Hoarding Clean Up in Assisting Living Facility

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