Estate Cleanout

Estate Cleanout Services is dedicated to helping you get through a difficult time. We relieve you from the stress of cleaning out and preparing your loved ones home to be sold or rented. Know job is to small or to large for us. When your using our service we handle everything eliminating your need to work with multiple vendors. We remove all junk and trash from the home. We can make all types of minor repairs and paint the home inside and out if that is what is needed. We cleanout all types of properties single family homes, condos, attached homes, mobile homes, warehouses and office spaces. Take a look at some of our projects and be sure to google our reviews throughout south florida.


Property Cleanout Service

ECS is your professional property cleanout service. If you need an Estate Cleanout, Eviction Cleanout, Rental Cleanout we will quickly and cost effectively cleanout your home or business. We are licensed and insured and we cleanup and renovate your home to get it ready to be rerented or resold. We serve Miami, Kendall, Coral Gables, Doral, Pembroke Pines, Hallendale and as far as West Palm Beach.

#1 Rated by Realtors in the South Florida area. We make you look great to your clients. If you need a simple as is sale broom sweep or you are looking to sell the property at top market value, we handle everything so you can relax and look Great to your clients.


Daily Services Provided: (Big Or Small We Remove it All!)


Estate Cleanout

Remove old furniture

Remove trash from premesis

Sort and destroy papers

Clean entire Home

Repaint the home

Home Cleanout

Repair closet doors

Replace Carpet and Flooring

Storage Cleanouts

Shed Cleanouts

Attic Cleanouts

Junk Removal

Eviction Cleanouts

Office Cleanouts

Foreclosure Cleanouts

Furniture Removal

Appliance Removal

Commercial Trash Removal

Couch Removal

Refrigerator Removal

TV Removal

Wash & Dryer Removal

Entertainment Center Removal


Getting a Home Ready for Sale or Rental

Good Day from myself and my team. I know first hand how difficult the time after a parent or relative has passed on can be. Getting the old home ready to be sold or rented is a very stressful time. From all of us at Estate Cleanout Services we are dedicated to helping reduce your stress and making your life more liveable. I am Mark Horton, president and founder of ECS and I assure you that we can do a little or we can do a lot to assist you.

For the past 5 years we have been committed to providing excellent and complete service. We focus on the details with a constant thought that our job is to make your life easier. We definitely work in a legal and environmentally friendly manner. Our prices are some of the lowest in the industry with out illegally dumping in the everglades or on some back street.

Our sales process is built to be easy with a total respect for your comfort. We pride ourselves on always giving you a fair price and never having to change the price on you. So you don't have to ever deal with a sales representative quoting you $100 bucks to only show up the day of the job and fighting with you to raise the price to $500 in order to do the job. You can trust and have confidence that you are getting a fair price normally before the 11th hour.

  • We remove furniture, clothes, trash and any type of junk from your home or business.
  • We work with all types of minor repairs like holes in walls, falling cabinet doors.
  • Are you selling as-is? Then do a "broom sweep" which is required to turn over the property at sales closing.
  • We work with lots of realtors from Key West to West Palm Beach


Estate Cleanup News Blog


Cleanout Home for your Elderly Dad

Often times when your dad is left to live alone you can find that basic cleaning of the home clean falls away.

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Old Furniture Removed during Estate Clean up

An Estate Cleanup means removing desks, chairs, coffee tables and all types of trash throughout the house

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Clean up Repair and Paint

ECS cleans up homes that only have a few things that need to be done. For example, deep cleaning of the bathrooms and kitchen.

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Estate Cleanout project in Perrine Florida

This is a example of a broom sweep type project. The mother had died peacefully and the son was now in the process of getting the home sold.

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Minor house renovation sells in 2 days

This was more of a renovations job located in West Palm Beach. Mary was referred to us from her realtor who had seen our work at another job we did in West Palm Beach.

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Hoarder Cleanout Job in Miramar Florida

This project located in Miramar Florida was an illegal addition, a hoarder environment and trash / junk removal job.

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Warehouse Property Cleanout Service

ECS is your professional Warehouse cleanout company. We will cleanout your entire warehouse space removing everything you want gone.

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Estate Cleanup in Hialeah

In Hialeah there are a lot of older homes with a unique artistic flavor to the area.

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Yard Cleanup Company. Junk, Trash

These homes can have a lot of junk and trash in the yard.

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Property cleanout service

Property Cleanout Service

ECS is your professional Property Cleanout Service company.

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Property cleanout service

Hialeah Property Cleanout Service

The cluttered home was overrun with trash and junk. The sisters had already spent a week there at the home.

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Evictions Services Lauderhill

Owner living in Orlando need to evict a renter in Lauderhill Florida

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Estate Cleanout

Property Cleanout Service

ECS is your professional Estate Cleanout company.

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Estate Cleanout

Estate Cleanout

Beds and Bed Frames. I am finally going to be able to sleep through the night.

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Estate Cleanout

Garbage Pickup. Garbage Collection in the New World.

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