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Cleaning Foreclosed Homes Kendall

Kendall REO Property Service

Foreclosure / REO Cleanout Services Kendall

Foreclosures continue to be an active market for banks and real estate investors. Often time the people being foreclosed on can leave the home in really bad shape. This would include holes in walls, broken cabinets, broken closet doors, writing on the walls, busted windows, broken interior and exterior doors and so much more. The staff at Estate Cleanout Services has seen and repaired so many of these items. Our team comes in fast to secure the home for you. We then get to work removing all of the trash and junk.

Estate Clean up Services gets rid of the anxiety of dealing with your REO and Foreclosure properties. We provide some of the lowest cost in the industry without having to dump illegal and we do it in a environmentally friendly manner. You don't have to worry about fines and citations coming back to bite you.

All of the staff at ECS are trained to pay attention to the details. With a keen eye we look for the blemishes that need to be corrected. Because of our committment to performing a quality job many real estate agents and property managers turn to us for their renovation and clean up services. We strive for perfection in every project. Together with our Licensed professionals we provide an array of services:


Kendall Foreclosure Cleanup

  • Remove old furniture
  • Remove trash from premises
  • Clean entire Home
  • Repaint the home
  • Repair closet doors
  • All types of minor repairs to the home

Kendall REO Cleanout Services

  • Replace Carpet and Flooring
  • Repair electrical problems
  • Professionally Licensed & Insured
  • Sub-contractors complete all major repairs
  • 24-hour Emergency Service


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About Foreclosure and Cleanouts

One crucial aspect of selling a house is to make sure the house is cleaned up and good for potential buyers. In the event of foreclosures in particular, it makes a major difference to ensure that all the property of the former occupant



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