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Estate Cleanout Kendall

Estate Clean out in Kendall

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Remember You are Not Alone

Remember there are professionals ready to support you during this difficult time, whether it can clean out the home, ship items to you when you are thousands of miles away, or simply help you think through the best option.


We clear the whole house and courtyard

from any junk, garbage or waste lying around when we take a waste out of a foreclosed home. If you would like them gone, we will take even junk devices or old devices which are not related, damaged or obsolete.


Something left behind by previous owners

Real estate brokers, real estate owners and tenants clean out facilities. Realtors, Landlords, and others know that planning property sale can end up with something left behind by previous owners.



Purchase a Bagster Bag

The customer thought they were going to be able to purchase a Bagster Bag at $30 and pay $160 for a pickup of their construction debris. The construction debris was from a bathroom they had demo'd. This consisted of lots of heavy tile, sheet rock, a tub and a double sink.


Care of construction debris

Smart contractors and project managers are mindful that each project phase needs to be managed, the operations streamlined and the services optimized in a close-knit manner.


As an owner or manager

you have to know how long it takes to clean, fill and hold and dispose of the junk. You should prepare a vast number of hours and maybe even days, depending on the size and quantity of garbage involved.