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  • Customer Service: Treat every customer with respect and provide great service, good communication and an upbeat attitude.
  • Truck Operations: Safely operate the trucks at all times. Make sure daily inspections are performed.
  • Junk Removal: Heavy lifting and removal of junk (i.e. couch, mattress, appliances, yard waste, etc.) from business, residential, and government sites
  • Time Management: Be able to make logistical decisions within the provided daily schedule (when to dispose, how to best complete a job, how to market during downtimes)



  • Strong customer service/people skills
  • Must be able to problem solve on the job
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to lift 75 lbs.
  • Ability to work without direct supervision



  • Junk Hauler with truck: Starting rate: $21 per hour
  • Junk Hauler without truck: Starting rate: $13 per hour
  • Handyman assistant: Starting rate: $13 per hour
  • Handyman: Starting rate: $15 per hour
Do you have a valid driver's license?
Do you own your own truck?
Are you available for work?
Your Hours are Most Like to Include weekends, Are you Ok with that?

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Are you currently going through a difficult time

changing your lifestyle, selling your home, or dealing with a tenant getting evicted? If you are searching for an Estate Cleanout near you or wondering if you should hire an Estate Cleanout professional.


Tenant Eviction Cleanup

Landlords require that tenants pay their rent on time. The lanlord is really looking for that tenant or tenants that will be reliable, renew over and over again and not damage the properly.


Hazardous waste

Here's how we will help you ECS, provides competent junk and trash services and we know that deciding what constitutes dangerous material as well as how to dispose it can be confusing.



True significance to the hoarder

it will take a lot of effort and you should expect to feel a roller coaster of emotions as well because amidst the piles of rubbish, you will most likely run across some items of true significance to the hoarder-this is especially true of the hoarder in question happens to be a friend or relative of yours.


Foreclosed properties, discarded furniture

The regrettable fact is that many foreclosed properties, discarded furniture, and other property that had not been cleared and purchased by the former owners are often left behind in the real estate world.


There may be auctions occasionally

of course. But not everything is necessarily available, even if an auction occurs. It means that the owners or operators of the self-storage facility must at some stage contend with losses, abandoned garbage and any things unsold during an auction.