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Kendall Property Management Services

Thank you for your interest in Estate Cleanout Services, Kendall's premier Junk Removal Company. By choosing ECS, the services provided to you are done with a qualified and insured provider. Our property management services are generally for the short term and are at some of the lowest rates available. We have completed many short term projects covering a wide variety of rental properties throughout Kendall including single-family homes, condos, apartment communities, office buildings and commercial buildings.

Our goal at Estate Cleanout Services is to create a platform for you to build the financial success of your property(ies). Our services will get you up and running quickly with little or no headaches. Our service will free you from the enormous stress of the project management tasks. You will find that our team of experts are extremely reliable and you can trust that we will always do what we say we are going to do.

ECS and our partners professionally manage your property whether it is a single family home, townhome or condominium. As owners of many properties, we uniquely understand the importance of getting the job done at a reasonable price and quickly. Our team includes licensed real estate brokers in Kendall, licensed builders & licensed developers. We have programs that will help you get your property rented or sold quickly. We can provide 45 day net terms financing to qualified owners and realtors. Fill out our contact form for fast responses or call us directly for more information.


Property Prep and Cleanup

  • Old furniture disposal
  • Trash and Junk Removal from premesis
  • Home Cleanouts
  • Painting of the home inside out
  • All types of minor repairs to the home

Property Maintenance

  • Need new flooring? We have you covered
  • Lawn Maintenance Services
  • Professionally Licensed & Insured
  • Sub-contractors complete all major repairs
  • 24-hour Emergency Service


News and Blog

Landlord must then file suit for their removal

If the tenant refuses to leave your property and the required time period has lapsed the landlord must then file suit for their removal at your local supeior court.


30 day minimum notice that is required

The landloard must notify the tenant in writting that they need to vacate the premises on a set day. In most states there is a 30 day minimum notice that is required.


Remove of Large Items

It may be quite a challenge to remove big things such as furniture and machinery. They ought to be remove properly besides tearing down and getting these heavy things out of the house



Assessing the hoarder and addressing their situation

This is a holistic process that will have you assessing the hoarder and addressing their situation as well as alleviating their anxieties. Bear in mind that these people hold on to their bounty as a sort of security blanket so you need to gain their trust to gain their participation.


Payment of the rented space

Pastor James Adams, the Senior Pastor of St John that the church patiently waited for the payment of the rented space. The building Lil Greenhouse occupied was acquired from Michael Simkins, a developer by January 2017. Basically, the church just accepted a tenant they never wanted.


Hidden Cost Of The Bagster Bag

This meant that the client was purchasing another 4 X $30 per bag which is $120.00. In addition, each of the 4 addition bags had a dump fee of $140 per bage (discounted from the 1st bag at $160) which is a 4 X 140 per bag load which is $560. A whopping Grand Total of $680